posted January 17, 2012

Word is bouncing around that everyone's favorite mysterious online currency has just popped up with a strange message embedded in its code. Since we aren’t good at the nerd stuff, we turned to our resident geek to discover that the embedding was traced back to an IP address at none other than the firm of Lockhart-Gardner. What we are good at is unwarranted and baseless speculation. So could the creator be a member of LG? Let’s look at the suspects:

  • Diane Lockhart – A mastermind in her own right as she’s kept her firm afloat amongst partners leaving, fighting off coups, and constant turmoil. But computer mastermind? You can’t type code when your hands are white-knuckled as you hold your firm together.
  • Will Gardner – Mr. 20th on Chicago’s Most Eligible Bachelor list (Kanye’s ego bumped him back 4 spots). He seems to be positioning himself more as a former jock turned power lawyer and not the World of Warcraft type.
  • Alicia Florrick – Quiet, dutiful wife of scandalized politician/ex-con S.A. Peter Florrick. A hardworking attorney in great suits. You’d never think it was her. That’s exactly why she’s our lead suspect.
  • Kalinda Sharma – She’s a mysterious P.I. who's been spotted all around town, including the S.A.’s office. Obviously she’s got connections. But she’s on this list because of her extensive boot collection. That footwear can’t be cheap. Can you buy boots with online currency?