posted January 19, 2011

A couple of days ago, notorious web spammer Scott Bauer, accused of murdering his father, received an unfortunate pop-up of his own in court-a photo was revealed of him... wait for it... drinking! This took the courtroom by surprise that Bauer would be drinking a beer... at a WWII reenactment party... dressed in a Nazi uniform. (Well, someone has to play Himmler!)

Aside from DNA evidence pointing the finger at Bauer's guilt - in the diverse jury's eyes, having that smooth blonde hair and baby blues weren't helping him much either. The defense team tried to repair his damaged rep by revealing a second Nazi party photo that proved he was drinking a non-alcoholic beer. The jurors probably thought: not only is this murderer a Nazi, but he's boring, too.

Who would take on such a losing case? Well, Lockhart Gardner & Bond, of course. LGB must be desperate to make an extra buck. Too bad the case ended so quickly. Personally, we wanted to see more of the party photos - maybe Prince Harry made an appearance.