posted January 27, 2012 at Noon EST

With political season upon us, it's time to get back to those other issues incumbents have been avoiding for the past couple of years. Time to show everyone you care. Which means organizations like the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Chicago (GLAC) are warming up their engines by hiring the top wheelers and dealers they can find to add their message to stump speeches.

Local crisis manager/P.R. genius Eli Gold who last spring redeemed Peter Florrick enough to win his old job back and, in autumn, convinced us that listeria-laden cheese is not so bad has lined up a meeting over at GLAC. But he can't be the only name in town. Look for at least one D.C. lobbyist flying in to prove to GLAC they actually have connections with, well, D.C. Will Mr. Gold handle the pressure or will he drop the ball like a Green Bay QB?