posted February 1, 2011

The State's Attorney�s race is still anyone's game. All three candidates must be gazing at the mayoral race and heaving huge sighs of envy, muttering to themselves. "Look at them all � dropping like flies, being ruled ineligible. But nooo, we wanted to be State�s Attorney."

But judging from what we found in our in-box this morning, someone's getting pretty desperate.

This flyer has begun circulating throughout several South Side neighborhoods. Naturally both Childs and Florrick have been quick to disavow any knowledge of this stunt, and equally naturally, a spokeswoman for Scott-Carr�s campaign disparaged the move as "another classless personal attack, the kind voters want to see us move beyond."

We agree. Come on, guys. Keep it classy. Go bribe an appellate court or something.