posted February 1, 2011

He can change a game in the final seconds. He's got such quick moves, even his toughest opponents can't catch him. He can help the money roll in for whomever signs him. Coming in at 6'3", and a lean, mean 180 pounds, this free agent's got a cool demeanor out on the field and he's a quiet leader in the room. He's incredibly tough one-on-one. He has the skills and determination to shut up even his harshest critics. Any team would be happy to have him aboard. Who can this man be? Why it's Chicago's very own, homegrown drug lord, Lemond Bishop, of course.

Currently looking for representation, Mr. Bishop has been going from law firm to law firm, trying to find some decent attorneys to take on his respectable ventures. You know, like his "fastest in three counties!" dry cleaning business, or his "fastest in three states" horses at his Leacrest Stables. Reports came in that Mr. Bishop was last seen going into the offices of LGB�the very workplace of the wife of S.A. candidate Peter Florrick. (which would make for some interesting dinner table convos, even though it would take a miracle for Florrick to win.) It appears LGB has an audition and is willing to take on any client to make some extra green.