SHAME COSTS (...and right here's where you start paying!)

posted February 1, 2011

Sources close to the campaign tell us that the money which replenished Florrick's coffers apparently came with strings attached. Wait, what�s that? In politics, you say?

The Republican PAC which replenished Florrick�s coffers (pumping him up in the hope he'd play spoiler) also turned out to be the source of the nasty flyers that have been popping up in South Side neighborhoods. Call it "protecting the investment."

With the evidence leading directly back to this PAC (amateurs!), Florrick had no choice but to do the honorable thing and decline the contributions. Ouch. Must've been awfully nice having all that money in the account for a day or two. Wonder how � and IF � the Florrick campaign's gonna make it to election day? They've already giving the volunteers the generic juice and cookies and using both sides of the post-it notes. What's next? Eli Gold, Streetwise vendor?

And if Florrick is on his final legs in this campaign, what can he look into doing? His wife's law firm seems to be doing well. Can Captain Malfeasance go back to being a litigator? Or should he just go be a law professor to all those co-eds out there. Or maybe he could take his talents to South Beach and become a judge... for wet t-shirt contests.

Readers, what other jobs do you think would be the perfect fit for Peter Florrick?