posted February 8, 2011

In a desperate attempt to remain hip (or to check out the co-eds), State�s Attorney candidate Peter Florrick spoke to a group of hipsters, punks, geeks, and poseurs today. Avoiding all national chains based out of Seattle, Florrick ended up at a nice Chicago co-op, ordered his triple grande half-caf latte, with just a little bit of extra foam and a twist of soy, and spoke to the youth vote about the issues that matter most to them and their future. You know, like, pot, man. Ballot measure Amendment 31, medical marijuana, to be specific.

Afterwards, Peter went around and wrote the election date on every kid�s hand. Wouldn�t want them to sleep through their alarms on voting day.

Check out what Peter had to say below.

Riveting! Sounds like it would�ve been more appropriate for Peter to order a tall drip.