posted February 9, 2011

Who knew prison could be so helpful to a political campaign? First Florrick�s big house stint raised his profile and his credibility rating among younger (read: charmingly na�ve) voters, and now, it�s bringing an even more tangible benefit to the campaign.

Rapper Young Boxer was another high-profile Tamms inmate incarcerated at the same time as Peter, and the two struck up a friendship during their time in the 618. So much so that Young Boxer is now scheduled to perform at an upcoming benefit concert for the suddenly cool candidate. It doesn�t hurt that Florrick has in recent days signaled his support for Amendment 31 and marijuana legalization, a cause that Young Boxer, er� avidly supports, judging from his lyrics.

So Florrick supports the green, and gains a little green of his own to finance his struggling campaign. Win�win.