posted February 17 at noon EST

As you know, we at Snark are delighted that campaign season is finally heating up. And we particularly love this latest tidbit in the race for the primary for State Senator: Robert Mulvey, Santa’s Little Helper and statue fetishist, will face an opponent with solid D.C. and Chicago connections (always a handy combination). Vanessa Gold will be gunning for the seat as well. And yes, that name is Gold, as in her ex-husband, Eli Gold – campaign strategist and P.R. genius behind State’s Attorney Florrick’s return to the spotlight.

Is Vanessa Gold going to be stepping on her ex-husband’s political toes with a State Senate run? Or is Eli Gold running things from behind the scenes? We’re anxious to see if the vibe between these two political animals is the adorable happiness of Miranda and Blake or the bitter-enough-to-inspire-an-album-full-of-sad-songs-as-you-choke-on-my-dust of Adele and her loser ex or the just plain inspired cray-cray of Nikki Minaj and her pope fella?