posted February 22, 2011

What are today�s youth learning in Chicago�s high schools? Not a lot of respect for the First Amendment, apparently. In a backward attempt to avoid what school administrators described as �disruptive classroom situations,� one North Side high school, in the past two months, has suspended or threatened to suspend seventeen students for a variety of T-shirt based insubordinations.

The offending slogans have expressed have covered a wide swath of topics: gay student groups (pro and anti), Obama (ditto), the Tea Party movement (ditto), Islam (ditto), Christianity (pro), Bob Marley (pro), and Justin Bieber Grammy robbery (anti).

To the teens speaking their minds on political and social issues, we have your back, whatever you choose to put on it. Even if we hate it.

Which brings us to to the Beliebers. We support your right to fiercely decry Justin�s loss, but give Esperanza Spalding and Arcade Fire a chance. Seriously. In five years, you�ll thank us.