posted February 23, 2011

We knew no one could be that perfect. It turns out that Chicago�s own Snow White, Wendy Scott-Carr, has employed Natalie Flores, an illegal immigrant, as a nanny for the past five years.

[Brief sidebar to the candidates: Okay, one more time. This is how it works. The press (that�s us!) is going to investigate your background. We are going to be looking for instances of law-breaking and hypocrisy. Also, we love salacious stuff involving poor judgment and Craigslist. So why do you all keep breaking the law in easily discovered ways?!! It is easy for us to check whether you paid a household employee�s Social Security taxes. Stop acting like morons! You�re taking all the fun out of it.]

And we�re back! And we have to say, while this looks like a giant boon to the flagging Florrick campaign, we have our doubts. Sure, Flores isn�t a citizen, but two middle-aged white men ganging up on a young African-American female political candidate and mother of two over childcare isn�t exactly a dream scenario for a campaign, either.

What do you think? Does the revelation of Wendy�s nanny problems change your opinion of her? Or do you think that he who is without need for decent, affordable childcare should lay off throwing the first stone?