posted March 02, 2012

Lockhart-Gardner. Formerly known as Lockhart Gardner & Bond. Formerly formerly known as Stern Lockhart Gardner. From SLG to the LGB to the LG. And now, yet another new name appears to be in the future as partner Will Gardner has just been suspended by the bar association. This year, Gardner's jugular has been as popular a target as Emma Stone's notorious bow. After a special investigation and a grand jury hearing, the skeletons in Gardner's closet have been creeping out like Angelina's leg from her dress slit. Ahh, the job of just being a lawyer.

Now the Chicago power firm will go through yet another transition. What will they do with all of Gardner's big money clients? Which lawyer is willing to step up to the nameplate? Could it be the biggest name in Chicago divorce with attorney David Lee? Or that favorite political salamander: crisis manager Eli Gold? Or is there someone we donít see coming who's going to pull off the Streep surprise win?

(And if you didn't guess, yes, we sat through all 3 hours and 8 minutes of the Oscars.)