posted March 02, 2012

It's been four years. Four years since we saw the last February 29th. Four years since the Beijing army of drummers frightened the foreign Olympians with their hip, unison beats. Four years since Obama's victory celebration filled Grant Park. It amazes us to say it but it's election time again.

In that time, Chicago has become the most important U.S. city for the first time since the Super Bowl Shuffle. With that comes all the wheeling and dealing that an election year brings. Rumor has it that the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina still has some slots available for the key speeches for the week. Apparently some members of the DNC committee are in town to meet with some of the local talent eager to grab one of the coveted spots. So youíre expecting someone with a booming voice and great gravitas to steal the spotlight? Forget gravitas. Our spies are telling us itís going to be an up-and-coming politician with a great story and even greater hair. Weíll see soon enough.