posted March 09, 2012

We’ve been rather gracious to State's Attorney Peter Florrick for at least a few weeks, thinking he had put all his salacious appetites behind him, taking up a stringent diet of oh-yeah-I'm-married. But it appears that Captain Malfeasance's new clean State’s Attorney's office has a bit of a taint these days.

Reports have now come out that the S.A.'s office has become the new hotbed of workplace sex.

We're thinking cloaks and ceramic masks after hours. Word is that just a few nights ago, two Assistant State's Attorneys were doing the horizontal mambo (if people still do that these days) on S.A. Florrick's office couch or as he calls it – the pushin' cushions. We're still trying to find out if Florrick was holding the camera or not. But we'd never let facts get in the way of our baseless speculation.

See, now that's blog writing. Aww, they're just kids over there. They'll get the hang of it one of these days!