posted March 22, 2011

Now that we all know that current State�s Attorney Glenn Childs will not be holding the office after May of this year, we�re gleefully anticipating all the fantastic petulance a lame duck SA has to offer.

But not everyone is as happy as we are. The SA�s office is full of lawyers who are keenly aware that they�re sitting ducks. And finding a cushy job with a white shoe firm isn�t duck soup these days.

But Glenny can�t be bothered with the ruffled feathers of some little ASA goslings. He�s got scores to settle! First up, endorsing Wendy Scott-Carr, the woman whom he recently argued wasn�t fit for the office, just because he hates Peter Florrick even more.

But that�s not all! Glenn knows nothing boosts office morale like a big juicy grand jury! Maybe a bunch, if he feels like it! We�ve heard rumors that a grand jury is being impaneled and we�re dying to know who he�s going after. We have a few guesses. What say you, readers? Who are the dead ducks at the top of Childs�s list?