posted March 22, 2013

It''s that time of year again - bagpipes, crowded streets, green river, citywide drunkenness, and irreversible liver damage. It’s St. Patty’s Day in Chicago! And what better way to class it up on the biggest day of the year than with the white-tie Chicago Shamrock Dinner at the Astor Street Mansion? The Chicago Shamrock (say that 5 times fast on 4 pints of Guinness) - where the leaders of today schmooze so they can be the leaders of tomorrow.

And since it''s an election year, we’re paying special attention to which gubernatorial candidate the honorable Cardinal James will be bestowing his blessing upon. Will it be Republican Mike Kresteva or Democrat Peter Florrick? If you get the good Cardinal''s approval, along with it comes a boost in the Catholic vote and you get two holes punched in your Illuminati card.