posted March 23, 2012

Like any metropolis hoping to avoid a race riot, Chicago has compiled some notable names on the civilian-led panel currently being assembled to review the independent committee's investigation of the shooting of non-criminal African-American CTA rider Roland Masters at the Addison El platform. As you're probably aware by now, it's the most exciting thing to happen in that neighborhood since Sammy Sosa came in second in a home run race. (God, does anyone else miss the late '90s? Oh. You can't hear me over my screeching dial-up modem and this Pavement compact disc?)

To project the appearance of checks and balances, the panel consists of some white judges, white attorneys, Pastor Damon Yarrow - who provides religious affiliation and covers the minority quota for the group. We got word that the female lead in this drama, Diane Lockhart of the crumbling Lockhart/Gardner, is a bit busy trying to keep her firm together to participate. So we wonder who will step in to provide that feminine intuition to the oversight panel.

We got our money on Alicia Florrick. She's got a connection to the State's Attorney's office and lady parts? Sounds like an unbeatable combo to us.