posted March 23, 2012

We've been scooped. We aren't afraid to admit it. Okay, yes we are. But someone beat us to a story. And when we say someone, we mean some other blog the "Cook County-ienne." Blech. Scooped by the Tracy Flick of political blogs. With her "early bird gets the worm" and her "make sure to have two sources" and her "don't invent sex scandals just because it's a slow news day."

Since we started our blog, we've had a team of monkeys locked in a room with a white board and one dry erase marker, hopped up on 5-Hour Energy and Pop Rocks, and surrounded by US Weekly's and TMZ on constant refresh, all to come up with our stories. After all, we got a name to live up to Snark Is the New Black. In contrast, the-blog-that-must-not-be-named writes their stories like real news items, using a fact-based approach. Snore. Our blog is more made up than Kim Kardashian, and we lay it thick with a trowel, too! Who do you think started telling everyone Snooki is pregnant?

Check out the next post to get our take on this actual newsworthy item...