posted March 25, 2013

It was a disappointing night for candidates Peter Florrick and Mike Kresteva at the Chicago Shamrock, as Cardinal James withheld the traditional embrace that signals his support from both candidates, making this the first Chicago Shamrock Dinner in memory without an endorsement. This leaves a good portion of the Catholic vote up in the air. So what will those voters do? Vote for the lusty lech, Florrick, or the glugging glutton, Kresteva?

Our inside scoop reported back that Kresteva rumored to have slipped off the wagon, pounding first a whiskey and then the restroom’s tiled wall with his nose. Maybe it’s all part of an image campaign and he figured a black eye and askew tie would help him look more "authentically South Side." If this is true and gee wiz do we hope it is—this could mean Florrick gets the upper hand in this race.