posted March 27, 2011

You have got to be kidding. In the annals of dumb politicians, Colorado's Congressman Timmerman has surpassed the throngs of average bad-decision competitors to run alongside the true Hall of Famers. Timmerman survived a sex scandal with a young blonde photocopy of his wife while she was out-to-here pregnant and even managed to fend off accusations that he paid for an abortion for his side piece.

Now here comes the pop quiz. Say you're a rising politico rocked by scandal but somehow given a second chance at elected office and saving your marriage. Do you A) apologize and swear to your wife and constituents to hew to the straight and narrow and not make the same mistake again,


B) Wait until your wife has left for Mommy & Me Yoga, and then hightail it to the nearest Sybaris suite for a weekend assignation with another random hussy who giggles appreciatively at your rendition of "James Brown's Hot Tub". (You know it happened.)

Click on the video below for your answer.