posted March 29, 2011

In the race that just won�t quit, the State�s Attorney�s campaign�s Nanny-gate is making national headlines and putting the spotlight on Illinois�s lenient treatment of illegal aliens. She was here to take our investors� jobs. Seeing as the ones we got have done a bang up job so far. Not to mention now her family�s being hounded by the media. Check it out:

I�d say sleeper cell Natalie Flores and her family are just another casualty of classic Chicago politics. If you ain�t white and Protestant, these illegals have got to go. Catholics are like a Muslim sect, right?

Illegal alien debate, Nanny-gate, racist fliers, a 3-year-old sex scandal. With so much drama coming from the State�s Attorney�s race, if it weren�t for Rahm, nobody would�ve paid attention to the mayoral race.