posted March 29, 2013

Lindsay Lohan, Chris Brown, Colin Sweeney - some people just can't stay away from the courtroom. The infamous Colin Sweeney found himself back in court today. No, no, it's notwhat you think... no one was found dead anywhere near him this time. Baby steps, y'all! No, Mr. Sweeney's appearance in court today stemmed from charges relating to his birthday celebration this past fall at the Hirschorn Club. Ex-cons in manors plus Venetian carnival masks and cool jazz equals sexy times. Said no one, ever.

Sweeney, 1-1 on beating past murder charges, last seen at the courthouse as the defendant in a paternity suit that was the result of a turkey baster (yeah, that), brought what every troubled criminal brings to court with him, the classiest lady lawyer he can find. Sure enough, there was St. Alicia Florrick by his side this morning. But even Mrs. Florrick's sterling public reputation isn't enough to cover up the lecherous stench of Mr. Sweeney. One thing we do know, it should make for an interesting trial.

Readers, what new fun do you think this Sweeney trial will bring? Leave it in the comments below!