posted April 4, 2011

So sad. Our brackets were ruined when we selected the #1 seed. And the end is finally near. To think the longest campaign in history is going to end in just one week. No, not the Chicago mayoral race (that was decided in one day behind a podium in DC). In a race that has lasted longer than an NHL season; in what was longer than Lindsay�s combined community service hours; in what has lasted almost as long as a Ken Burns documentary � the Cook County State's Attorney's race will finally be ending.

This campaign has featured a surprise three-way race, racist fliers, the support of an illegal as nanny, the support of a blouse by breast implants, an incumbent who drops out, and a sex scandal for which even we are running out of jokes.

Peter Florrick is currently leading Wendy Scott-Carr in the polls by 3 points. Barring any screw ups in this last week, he�d better focus on baseball because this is one Peter that doesn�t wanna peak prematurely.

Bam! We still got it.