posted April 5, 2011

It'�s still kicking. The State's Attorney's race was given another shot from the defibrillator that keeps on giving � the Chicago Democratic Machine. Enemy of the Machine, Wendy Scott-Carr�who was already losing in the past week's State's Attorney campaign polls�is getting kicked while she's down. The Machine has filed suit against Scott-Carr, for her "lack of residency status." No, they're not suggesting she lives in Kenya, but the claim is that she's a resident of Michigan.

Obviously it's clear whom the Machine has thrown their deep dish-filled weight behind. Clearly this wasn't from the Florrick campaign, as they wouldn't dare jeopardize their lead. The shrewd Florrick campaign manager stated that they "believe any attempt to question [their] opposition's residency is misguided."

Misguided indeed. Sympathies for Scott-Carr are on the rise and now she's tied with Florrick in the polls.

Strategy is clearly not a Democrat's strong suit.