posted April 6, 2011

Chicago's legal community is still reeling from the sudden death of Jonas Stern. Not reeling so much that they've forgotten to circle his business like vultures, but you know, for lawyers, they really came close to feeling something.

No longer will Stern's opponents look across a crowded courtroom to see the little man. No, they will now be facing off against a slightly taller little man.

That's right. While Stern's colleagues were putting on their best show of emotion for their old friend and partner, recent transplant Louis Canning swooped in and bought the old man's firm, lock, stock, and barrel. Looks like he'�s intent on making his move to the Windy City permanent.

(Which reminds us, how can you tell if it's really cold outside? Your lawyer has his hands in his own pockets. Thank you! We'll be here all week. Try the fish.)