posted April 11, 2011

Set your Tivo! Erica Hill has a world class interview on CBS later today with Spencer Carr. Who is Spencer Carr you and everyone and their mother asked? (No, he wasn't on "The Hills.") He's the husband of Wendy Scott-Carr, candidate for State's Attorney.

He appeared with their kids in another example of child worker exploitation. Hey! We don't want to have to outsource our cute candidates' kids to Sri Lanka now, do we? Check out an excerpt below.

Funny that the questions focused on the racist flyer. Are you going to mention the illegal nanny you employed to show how un-racist you are? No? Nothing?

But the big question is, where's Peter Florrick's wife? Still licking her wounds? Come to think of it, does she still exist? Last we saw her in the public spotlight, she resembled a pale shadow behind Captain Malfeasance when he resigned almost three years ago. Well, it might not matter. Because Spencer might've just won some necessary votes for his wife.