posted April 13, 2012

Reports are coming in that Eli Gold, crisis manager and campaign strategist guru, has shifted his scheming spotlight away from his golden boy Peter Florrick to his golden girl - his ex-wife, Vanessa Gold.

But it's not all cheesecake on the lanai. Juggling multiple campaigns is tough enough when one of the candidates isn't your ex-wife. And the past 48hours have seen Peter Florrick's presumed easy path to Springfield become much tougher and paved with newer, shinier candidates with equally good hair -- and a better relationship with the Chicago DNC. .

But if anyone's up for the job, it's our man Eli. One thing's certain, it's gonna be hella entertaining to watch. That's why we plan to send him apresent. So he can see the biggest gift would be from us, and the card attached would say, "Thank you for being a friend consistent source of fascinating political gossip." .