posted April 14, 2011

We spoke too soon! Miss Congeniality's decision to thrust her adorable children and devoted husband into the limelight forced Eli Gold to take off the gloves and deliver Alicia Florrick to voters this evening.

Looks like Florrick's campaign was saving the little lady for when it really counted. The interview provided the first real look at the woman we all know from the picture but who had, up until this point, assiduously avoided speaking with the press regarding her husband's scandal and subsequent campaign.

Conducted on the eve of voting day, Alicia Florrick's interview surprised even political insiders, who termed it a last minute miracle. Her strict policy of distance from her husband's campaign led many (who, us?) to speculate as to the state of the Florrick marriage and her level of support for his campaign. Last night's interview revealed Mrs. Florrick to be firmly in her husband's corner, prostitutes, prison sentences, and engulfing public shame notwithstanding.

But what about all of you voters? You'll all be getting out there today. Will you be humming Tammy Wynette on the way into the voting booth?