posted April 14, 2011

The come-from-behind kid did it!! (Aw, guys, last double entendre of the campaign! Cue the One Shining Moment montage.)

A year ago, when you told us that Peter Florrick would move from a jail cell back into his former office as Cook County State�sAttorney, we leaned our heads back and laughed and laughed. We may have been a little drunk, and we may have giggled so hard we wheezed. We vaguely remember slapping you on the back and saying, "Sure, sure. In some bizarro world where colleges pay Snooki $30K to give a speech and Julie Taymor�s the laughing stock of Broadway, maybe."

A startled look flitted across your face, but you quickly regained your composure and murmured, �Yes, that one,� before replacing your fedora on your head and disappearing into the crowd. Somehow we didn�t find any of that strange at the time.

Well, mysterious guy from the future, you may know what�s coming, but we�re just here in the present reporting all of it. And with bad-boy-gone-good Captain Malfeasance back in the State�s Attorney�s office, we think Chicago just got much, much more interesting.