posted April 27, 2012

It appears that Will Gardner is on his way back to the storefront that carries his name. Lockhart-Gardner has been on a rollercoaster ride that resembles more of a Chris Brown relationship than a place of business.

Itís been a tough year for Gardner after surviving Wendy Scott-Carrís hit-and-run grand jury and getting sideswiped by the bar association with a suspension from practicing law. But he avoided the head on collision with the 18-wheeler of disbarment. With a surefire win coming up in their pharmaceutical case, the firm thatís been in turmoil for the past three years looks to be finally getting some stability with Gardnerís return.

We at Snark are expecting a reinvigorated Will Gardner Ė bronzed from his days down by the lake, five oíclock shadow perfected, and slim and trim from training for a half-marathon Ė who must be itching to get back into court, ethically this time.

Who are we kidding? He hasnít been sitting around his apartment constructing ships in a bottle or taking sitar lessons. The entire Chicago legal world knows Willís been fronting and going into the office everyday. And itís a good thing his suspension ends soon too, because Diane Lockhart wasnít going to shell out for a change in stationery.