posted May 3, 2011

Is a great woman, they say. And in some occasional cases, there may be a few women locked in battle for the title of the gal behind the guy. (Not that we would know any, we absolutely love our mother-in-law and her Thanksgiving �09 suggestion that she come over and cook for us because, after all, how else were we planning to eat that day.)

So when election night eve brought us a one-on-one interview with Alicia Florrick, which many pundits are claiming swung undecided voters to him in the final hours of the election, the other Mrs. Florrick was not to be outdone. The victory party coverage was hers, all hers!

Maybe it�s just my PTSD, but this interview with Chicago socialite and mother of your new (again) State�s Attorney, Jackie Florrick gave me the distinct feeling, a feeling I hadn�t had since� well, let�s just say I may have ended up fetal, rocking back and forth on the floor (my CLEAN floor!), muttering something about pearls, stuffing, and judgment.

Not that we feel too bad for Captain Malfeasance. We get the feeling he�s the kind of guy who doesn�t mind this competition one bit.