posted May 17, 2011

Now this is one ugly duckling of a case. We�re not talking Peter-Florrick's-hooker-scandal kind of ugly, but one that can turn into a beautiful swan for whoever pulls off the win.

Multi-tasking like any good State�s Attorney would, Glenn Childs, with one hand, has taken lead on the Judge Philip Ellerbee murder case, while his other hand is packing his bags before the discount moving truck pulls up.

As a civil judge, Ellerbee would have had more enemies than a Maverick has points from the 3-point line. (Civil court is full of sore losers.) But the Coated Crusader has publicly vowed to swiftly bring the judge�s killer to justice.

Childs now has his prime suspect in his sights, with the trial expected to wrap up in the next couple of days. Sources say that Childs appears poised to get the win which will launch his career as a private attorney... or as the next villain in an amusement park stunt show. (He�s still weighing the pros and cons.) If he loses, this could blow up for the next S.A. like the Lakers in a Game 4.

Have we mentioned we hate the Lakers? Da Bulls!