posted May 18, 2011

Oh, God bless the Childs. Sometimes it�s just not your year. Not only did our Coated Crusader somehow manage to lose the top law enforcement post in Cook County to a former felon and hooker enthusiast who campaigned on legalizing marijuana, but it looks like he�ll be going out with a whimper, not a bang.

He had hoped to leave office with a conviction in the high-profile, emotionally charged Philip Ellerbee murder case. The SA�s office, along with all of Chicago�s legal community, was rocked last year by the stabbing death of the long-sitting judge, and convicting the murderer had become the unspoken priority at the State�s Attorney�s office.

But last minute discovery of new DNA evidence and the removal of two jurors complicated what was initially considered a slam-dunk case, and the case ended in a mistrial, with the presiding judge�s recommendation to reconsider prosecution.

Ouch. That�s gotta hurt. (Not as much as being wrongly convicted because of a rush to judgment, Glenn, but yeah, it�s gonna leave a mark.)