posted May 19, 2011

Well, well, well�looks like the DNC�s got a pop-up store opening on North LaSalle. We hear that political strategist Eli Gold, the man behind Peter Florrick�s gutsy political comeback, is setting up shop at Lockhart Gardner, and heading up a lobbying arm as part of the firm�s expansion. Okay, that�s incestuous even for Chicago. We�re talking so far beyond �strange bedfellows� that it actually comes full circle back to �bedfellows who are actually bedfellows.�

As for what this means�.well, you say �consulting wing,� we say �campaign launch pad.� Tomato, tomahto. Gold�s ambitions have always been greater than local politics, and with his recent victory and Rahm now owning the mantle of Mayor for Life, there�s no time like the present to start reaching for the stars.

So what will our favorite strategist�s next move be? Springfield? D.C.? And heck, which Florrick will he be pushing? Weeks after the election and her last minute interview, Alicia Florrick�s name is still being mentioned in some circles as a possible future nominee. And with Eli at her law firm, who knows what plans might be hatched inside the walls of Lockhart Gardner this summer? Got rumors? Speculation? Theories? Hot tips? You know where to leave them�.