posted September 23, 2011

In one of the quickest turnarounds in political fortune in memory, Peter Florrick (though he�ll always be Captain Malfeasance to us!) finds himself in his old office, and unbelievably already the subject of speculation for a run at the governor�s office. Might be wise to keep those whispers to a dull roar for now, though. Whichever path he chooses, Florrick has his work cut out for him.

If he manages to stick to the straight and narrow, a feat rarely achieved by any Chicago politician -- well, that�s admirable. Boring, but admirable. But if he picks option B (please! please! please!) and completely flames out, he�s looking at a pretty high bar. After a summer where we became all too familiar with the many meanings of the phrase �Weiner photos," we�re not the easily impressed naifs we once were.

So what�s the over/under on the good Captain�s returning to his old ways? Let us know what you�ll be betting on...