posted September 23, 2011

A Jewish person, a Muslim, and a Christian walk into a cafeteria...

No, it�s not a joke, but rather the innocuous beginning to a recent interfaith dialogue at Chicago Poly Tech. Apparently most of the dialogue was of an unprintable nature, as the meeting quickly grew ugly. Violence erupted as the previously peaceful-minded students began throwing punches as part of the dialogue. Use your words!!

A pro-Palestine student group on campus pointed to an anti-Hamas video emailed to the student body as the provocation for the fight. Also, the twenty-five hundred years of bloodshed and fighting prior to the video�s release.

Police broke up the disturbance and arrested one student, Jimal Mifsud, a sophomore. In total, twenty students were involved in the brawl, which resulted in three students being injured, two thousand dollars worth of damage, and the death of youthful hope and optimism in several hundred college students.