posted September 28, 2010

Bond. Derrick Bond.

Who is that mysterious man in the suit? That�s the question that�s got both legal eagles and political types scrambling to get background. So far, all we know that he�s recently arrived from DC, apparently part of the influx to Chicago Axelrod and Co were hoping would result from the Obama election.

Personally, we think it�s interesting timing for the partner of a K Street law firm to make the move to Chicago. Have we mentioned that his firm is merging with Lockhart Gardner? Wait, where have we heard that name before? Ohhhh that�s right � it�s Alicia Florrick�s firm.

So a political connected law firm merges with Lockhart Gardner just as Peter Florrick begins his run at political redemption. And we�re supposed to believe that Lockhart Gardner Bond isn�t housing the Florrick campaign HQ?

Please. His campaign manager, Eli Gold, moved all his business to Lockhart Gardner months ago. And now? Capital from the Capitol for our guilty-whoops-our-bad-no-you�re-not former SA with an eye on the national stage.