posted September 28, 2012

Campaign season if upon us once again! The race to Springfield is shaping up to be a barnburner. On the Democratic side, frontrunner Cook County State's Attorney Peter Florrick is fighting off a full field of contenders as he scrambles to solidify the nomination.

Republican Kresteva is going to release his first general ad this week. We at Snark got our grubby hands on a copy and were surprised to see that it takes aim more at his presumed opponent than any of the weak challengers within his own party. Sure, the ad's treacly enough to give a greeting card writer diabetes, but there's no denying its "family values" theme hits Florrick below his (unfastened) belt.

Every campaign has to fight attacks on multiple fronts. So play campaign manager for a minute. If you're the fabulous Eli Gold, how do you advise Peter to respond?