posted September 28, 2012

In a couple of days, the fall of once powerful Chicago law firm Lockhart-Gardner will be complete. It's been a long road from the old days when LG used to cruise through the Cook County Courthouse, racking up checkered flags like no other. But the firm has gone from classic roadster (as SLG), to stylish SUV (as LGB), to well-I-suppose-I-oughta hybrid (as LG), to this latest incarnation -- a beat-up pick-up truck breaking down at red lights.

With their star litigator and name partner Will Gardner suspended and not allowed to open his mouth in the courtroom, LG has lost their biggest client, web overlord Patric Edelstein. Only Diane Lockhart is left to present her case in bankruptcy court to salvage whatever they can from this rusted out jalopy. Will the firm be taken to the chop shop? Will LG get a much needed engine rebuild? Or will it just be left burned out and abandoned by the side of the Dan Ryan?