posted October 1, 2012

Now that you're tired of searching online for images of Sofia's Emmy dress ripping all the way up to her Vergara, we at Snark have found something a bit more interesting online a video made by the son of governor candidate Captain Malfeasance Peter Florrick. Half-Pint Florrick was pulled over by an overeager Ponch, and it appears that outside of Cook County, the Florrick name doesn't have the same power to pull strings and whitewash police records.

So wha's a kid to do when they get pulled over? Forget dodging traffic court like the rest of us. You post it up on the interwebz! So with Lil Florrick's video now gaining more than 400,000 views online, maybe the candidate's son should consider running for V.P. of Pep Rallies. Those involve cheerleaders, right? Like father like son.