posted October 03, 2011

Jumpin Jehosephat! Seems like our favorite Bayou strategist Mickey Gunn has been making noises again -- and not them funny ones he uses huntin' critters. No, looks like Mickey's interested in taking on a new national candidate. As in 2012. That's right!

Sure, the notion of Mickey Gunn repping a GOP contender is as strange as a crocodile dressed in his Sunday best, but we've been assured our info is as "true as Aunt Mabel's heart was for any grifter in the tri-state area". So�..we think that means it's very, very true.

Gunn's new project is still in the exploratory committee stage, but we hear rumblings of an announcement early next month. To our mystery candidate, we say why not? The Iowa caucus is just two months away. Get on in, the water's fine!