posted October 5, 2012

After an "undisclosed" injury benched Will Gardner for six months, it appears the lethal litigator is pulling up his stirrups, slapping on his cup, and grabbing a glove as he heads back to court.

The timing couldn't be better. Facing the threat of folding, the team of Lockhart-Gardner is trying to pull themselves out of a hole bigger than the Grand Canyon. With bankruptcy court assigning LG a new club manager, trustee Clarke Hayden, will he be able to turn this squad around in time?

Keep in mind, Gardner's salary has put the team above the salary cap, and Hayden was already looking to make cuts to the lineup. Who's on the chopping block? Is Saint Alicia Florrick heading to the minors? Or what about former Deputy State's Attorney Cary "The Boy Wunder" Agos? He's been bounced from more teams than a grizzled Double-A ball lifer with a torn rotator cuff.

It's clear that something needs to be done. But can Will Gardner be LG's Mr. October when he takes the mound again?