posted October 07, 2011

Here's some food for thought. Cheese slices are making elementary school kids lose their lunch.

Now that we have your unfeta�d attention � the cheese has caused an outbreak of listeria, which is making the Wisconsin State Dairy Guild run around like a Packer fan with his headwear sliced off. By now we�re sure they're scrounging up a crisis manager, and whoever it is will clearly be in it for the cheddar.

This unbrielievable tragedy has hospitalized five kids with four teachers also ill. And to think � the public school cafeterias failed to realize that those yellow rubber squares wrapped in thin cellophane aren�t good for our tummies.

What food company could have done such a muensterous thing? How could it have been prevented? What inspector missed the bacteria? Woulda, shoulda, gouda� Whoever's to blame is probably a bit yellow. (We cracker selves up.)