posted October 8, 2012

We at Snark, along with the rest of the Chicagnoscenti (This is the year we make that word happen!), were shocked yesterday when prominent Emily's List supporter and Chicago Democratic doyenne Maddie Hayward announced she was endorsing none other than Peter Florrick for governor. Yup, hooker-banging Captain Malfeasance himself! And sources confirm that she backed up her endorsement with a considerable donation to the campaign, which is desperately in need of cash flow.

Maddie -- Can we call you Maddie? -- come sit over here a quick sec...

Sister friend, have all those semi-conductors melted your frontal cortex? You're a high-profile feminist and a supporter of politicians who are good for women. Yet you just wrote a five-figure check to a politician who did time in the clink and has a penchant for high-class call girls. Read that last sentence again.

Maddie, girlfriend, some ideas just have "Bad Idea" written all over them. A hair dryer and a bathtub. Justin Bieber and dairy before a dance breakdown. Lindsay Lohan, a Republican congressional staffer, and a late night hotel fete. All better ideas than this one.

Readers, tell her (or us) yourself: What do you think of Maddie's endorsement of Peter Florrick? Have at it in the comments!