posted October 10, 2011

Just like a surgeon, we got some inside information. The State�s Attorney�s office is concluding an investigation into Highland Park surgeon Dr. Howard Farland for medical fraud.

Farland allegedly implanted his own medical device, a spinal cord stimulator, into ten unwitting patients before submitting the device for approval by the FDA. The situation came to light when a patient reviewed her surgery bill, which listed the manufacturer and inventor of the device. Further investigation revealed the good doctor had not exactly bent over backward in seeking FDA approval for the device. In fact, he�d sort of forgotten that whole step. Fortunately, once he was reminded via lawsuit, it did all come back to him, and his device was rushed through the FDA approval process.

How could a doctor who deals exclusively with patients with severe back pain not know that staring at a five figure bill will be the straw that breaks the camel�s back? Especially when the camel is a very pissed off patient whom one has just billed for the privilege of acting as a medical guinea pig? How can a back doctor not realize that constant uninterrupted pain makes people very, very CRANKY?!

True fact: Almost every jerk you have ever run into has had terrible back pain. Look it up.

We at Snark send our best wishes to the recovering patient. We feel your pain (L5-S1, represent!) and hope you can put all this back pain behind you soon.