posted Ocotober 12, 2010

Owen Cavanaugh, visiting math professor at DePaul, made quite a splash this week. Sure that recurrence relation stuff is exciting, but it�s what he said after class that made him the internet's newest star.

[Ed note: Where were the hottie math professors when we were suffering through calculus?]

That�s right, Peter Florrick's brother-in-law doesn't dig the guy. Which he says, in all fairness, is because Florrick doesn�t dig the gay. Funny, we never got that vibe from Florrick. In fact, he seemed to be something of an advocate, prosecuting several high-profile hate crimes during his tenure, but we�d trust his family to know.

In other news, one charming math professor and perfect houseguest is now looking for an extra couch or guest room while he�s in town.