posted October 12, 2012

Local scandalmongers are holding their breath for The Synth's upcoming Florrick profile, after the blog teased the unusual access the Florrick campaign granted them for the piece. "Feh," we say. And not because those upstart blogging hipsters are our (slightly more popular) sworn enemies. Eli Gold gave the Florrick profile to The Synth because he knows they'll write another fawning puff piece! Oooh, we're journalists with our investigations and questions! Ooh, look at us, we write our stories from our bean bag chairs in our West Loop office while an intern makes us organic lattes topped with those cool foam swans!

Well, we at Snark don't play that game. We hold the candidates feet to the fire! We write on a lumpy futon in our unheated studio apartment, not a cool converted loft! We have one Earl Grey tea bag and an ancient bottle of Sriracha sauce in our kitchen and that's it! But we do have you, our dear readers... and valuable sources. Come on readers, do you have anything on the candidate? We don't need a rumor; we're willing to take a murmur. Were you friends with Peter Florrick's college roommate's cousin-in-law? If so, tell us what you got!