posted Ocotober 19, 2010

Pull up a chair and start playing!

We know that it was in the conference room at Lockhart Gardner, with the leaked deposition…but the who still has us puzzled. The only people in the room at the time were LGB partner Diane Lockhart; new partner Derrick Bond; associate --and wife of SA candidate Peter Florrick-- Alicia Florrick; State’s Attorney Glenn Childs; and Cook County’s attorney, Wendy Scott-Carr. There’s also the court reporter, but for now we’ll presume that she is beyond over the Florrick/Childs playground fight her job has become and had no part in the leak.

They each have a motive to leak the deposition, but each of them has even stronger reasons not to, particularly that whole not getting disbarred thing. (Except the court reporter, we scribble in our detective’s notebook. Back to being a suspect!)

What we do know is that if Glenn Childs is behind this, he’s a hell of an actor. Our reporter brought up the leaked deposition with the SA and was treated to some Belichick-level barely suppressed rage. Someone’s on the warpath…

UPDATE #1: Childs’s office to depose Alicia Florrick From the turnabout is fair play handbook, the SA’s office just announced that it would be opening an inquiry into the leaked deposition. A fuming Childs charged that LGB sought to embarrass the office because they are the de facto home of the Florrick campaign. Sigh. Haters gonna hate.