posted October 19, 2012

Kresteva's adorable cancer-stricken tyke has all but sewn up the Republican nomination for his dad. Frontrunner Peter Florrick has gotten the begrudging Chicago Dem machine chugging along behind him. But us? We've been left here sitting with our pinot gris, twiddling our thumbs. It's been a slow month. "Pop Star Vomits!" was a top story. Twice.

All of that changed when rumors began spreading like wildfire that an upcoming profile in The Synth would out yet another Captain Malfeasance misadventure.

Yet, since then, even our loosest-lipped sources have shut up and are staying mum. Someone in the Florrick camp has been working overtime keeping this news hushed up. What's so bad that it'd have Eli Gold shaking in his boots? We've got our fingers crossed for a Florrick "Gangnam Style" parody, but it's probably just a nubile young campaign worker in a hot tub. Still, we dare to dream...