posted October 19, 2012

A little birdie informed us that there are some special speaking engagements coming up for the "Florrick for Governor" campaign. Ladies, slow your roll and pull that mullet skirt back up, as it won't be with the candidate himself. Candidate Florrick is literally wheeling out his mother Jackie Florrick for the Alliance for Retired Americans. And when we say literally, we do mean "literally." Not "metaphorically" as many people are wont to do.

Word was that Candidate Florrick had a scare when his mother was hospitalized for a while this past spring. Death Panels be damned you can't keep a good mom down. She'll be up on her feet in comfy Naturalizers, armed with Crayolas and poster board, doing whatever she can to make sure her sweet boy wins the race for Class President. Will Peter Florrick finally get the long coveted 4-point bump in the polls for octogenarians? Readers, what do you expect from Mama Florrick?